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Services – Valuations

With the exception of our energy sector, Trinidad & Tobago is built on the family business. We recognize that the generations that started many of these businesses are now seeking to transition ownership and/or management. To that end, we use various valuation methodologies to come up with fair price for businesses and their assets.

We also provide valuations of fixed income assets and private shareholding based on our in-house analytical models. These models five years ago (2005) led to decision-making steps that forced the sale of assets at a time when popular view was to buy. More recently, we have internally engaged in very intense discussion on the liquidity of the Trinidad & Tobago market and the yields offered on bonds given that liquidity variable.

Our view is that rate is commensurate with the risk and while the premium attached to that risk is a function of the market, it should not be so skewed that the investor will live to regret investment decisions made in the short term. An independent valuator can help in the above regard, with the attendant assumptions and complexities of an inefficient market.


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