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Services – Structuring

Capital Markets Transactions- Many an issuer in the regional capital markets space position their debt against the Sovereign as a benchmark. The market is so thin that there are few peers for which a true comparative study can be done. What that means is that the inefficiency of the market with the help of the market participants, generate … and we as issuers or investors will not want to regret the structure of the transaction two years later. (We help fill in the gaps here).

Company and/or Family Business Solutions – This will include the best capital structure; the succession planning issues; ownership transition; valuation and distribution of assets; mergers; acquisitions; strategic planning and direction.

Closed Ended Investments – Private Equity structuring - an avenue for the longer term investor as a limited partner with an on-the-ground partner in the investment. As GP we are prepared to take up significant interest in the fund. Testimony to our willingness and ability to ‘eat our own cooking’.


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